Thanks to the full-fledged work of the telemedicine network, it is possible to conduct telemedicine consultation of doctors in the format of “doctor-doctor”. Doctor of the first or second levels of medical care from any region of the region can request a telemedicine online consultation and receive real-time help and effective advice from a specialist at the regional level

принцип роботи телемедицини

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a method of providing medical services to patients located in regions that are difficult to access and geographically remote from healthcare organizations. Telemedicine is implemented through the active introduction of information and communication technologies into the system.

Currently, the installation and configuration of the telemedicine system is beginning. It is the telemedicine consultation that will ensure the exchange of information about the patient between doctors to establish or clarify the diagnosis, select treatment tactics, and obtain a qualified opinion on the results of instrumental, laboratory, functional and other research methods.

Telemedicine is a component of electronic health – e-health

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At any time, our specialists are ready to not only provide training in working with the telemedicine system, help to conduct a consultation and contact a doctor, but also provide technical support in a case of problems in the operation of a computer, headset and other related equipment.