A telemedicine center work in the Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital

Now residents of the most remote areas can not go to Odessa for a doctor’s consultation – this can be done remotely using a computer and the Internet.

“An application has come for consultation of patients about lung disease. We took the application to work, invited our doctors for a consultation: pulmonologist, thoracic surgeon. Applications submitted for consultation. Pictures are presented, studies are presented. Now the doctors talked via video link. It was a Zakharovsk regional hospital. We talked with a doctor from Zakharovka. And now we are writing conclusions”

– the operator Alla Sokovskaya said.

“The logic is that the patient does not have to go to the area in order to get any recommendations. Many issues are resolved with the help of Telemedicine. That is, information is provided about the pathology, about the patient, about the analysis that can be done, x-rays. And in a percentage of 90 cases, you can give a conclusion with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations”

– commented the chief pulmonologist of the Odessa Region Health Department Alexander Smolyanoy.

Almost 2 million 945 000 hryvnias were spent to create the center. In test mode, the system started working on April 15th.

Now more than five thousand consultations have been held for residents of all areas of the Odessa region. Consultations of cardiologists, radiologists and pulmonologists are most in demand.