The first in Ukraine: in Odessa, on the basis of the regional clinical hospital, a round-the-clock telemedicine center was launched

On July 11, the Regional Center of Telemedicine officially started its work in Odessa. It was organized on the basis of the regional hospital with funding in the amount of 2 million 945 thousand hryvnias.

According to the Suvorov City State Administration, the Odessa region was the first in Ukraine to create a vertically integrated telemedicine consultations system, which involved 85 medical facilities (from family practice outpatient clinics, central district hospitals to highly specialized regional hospitals) and 152 doctors in 21 specialties.

It is noted that such a center will allow counseling, including by highly specialized doctors, of patients even in the most remote areas of the region thanks to the SymplexMed medical information system. With its help, all information about the patient will be sent in electronic form, including electrocardiography, UzD, X-ray diagnostics, MRI, which will ensure effective communication of the attending physician with a narrow-profile specialist.

As a result – the patient will instantly receive the consultation of a specialized doctor without going outside the boundaries of his village.

By the way, before opening Telemedicine worked in test mode for two months. During this time, doctors conducted more than 5,269 consultations for residents of all regions of the region, of which 1,438 were saved lives. The most relevant specialists were a cardiologist (75%), a neurologist and a pulmonologist.

In addition, with the help of the Center, it will be possible in an emergency and planned mode to remotely organize a consultation of doctors for the sake of accurate diagnosis of the patient.