The first telemedicine center in Ukraine opened in Odessa

The first telemedicine center in Ukraine opened in Odessa on the basis of the Odessa Regional Clinical Hospital.

This was reported by the press service of the Odessa Regional State Administration.

“Today we are opening not only the regional telemedicine center, but also launched a network of emergency consultations providing doctors with a new powerful high-tech tool for work”

– Chairman of the Regional State Administration Svetlana Shatalova noted at the opening ceremony.

According to her, telemedicine consultation rooms have been deployed in the reception and diagnostic departments of 35 district and city hospitals and 19 medical institutions of regional subordination. This network allows, both in an emergency and in a planned manner, to remotely organize a consultation of doctors to save the lives of patients and solve complex diagnostic issues.

Odessa became the first among the regions where they created a vertically integrated system of telemedicine consultations, which includes 84 medical institutions – from family practice outpatient clinics and central district hospitals in specialized regional institutions.

The Regional State Administration reminded that the formation of the telemedicine network of the Odessa region began in 2017 – by acquiring 198 mobile diagnostic complexes for paramedics and nurses in family outpatient clinics that allow you to measure the patient’s vital signs and transfer them to the family doctor to establish a diagnosis and determine a treatment plan. In turn, any of the family doctors can get, if necessary, an expert opinion of a highly qualified doctor – a narrow specialist in one of the regional medical institutions.

Source: Ukrinform