Opening of a telemedicine center in the Regional Clinical Hospital

On July 11, 2019, the telemedicine center and the telemedicine network of the Odessa region were opened in the Regional Clinical Hospital in the presence of the first deputy chairman of the Odessa Regional Council, Radkovsky A.V. and acting Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Shatalova S. M.

Odessa region was the first among the regions of Ukraine to create a vertically integrated system of telemedicine consultations, in which 84 medical institutions of Odessa region are involved – from family practice outpatient clinics, central district hospitals to highly specialized regional hospitals.

“An application has come for consultation of patients about lung disease. We took the application to work, invited our doctors for a consultation: pulmonologist, thoracic surgeon. Applications submitted for consultation. Pictures are presented, studies are presented. Now the doctors talked via video link. It was a Zakharovsk regional hospital. We talked with a doctor from Zakharovka. And now we are writing a conclusion”

– said operato Alla Sakovskaya.

Telemedicine brings to the resident of the most remote village of Odessa region a consultation of highly qualified specialists of regional hospitals. This is done using the SimplexMed medical information system, which allows the patient to be sent electronically the medical information, including electrocardiography, radiography, ultrasound, CT, MRI diagnostics, laboratory tests and provide effective communication between the attending physician and a specialist consultant in regional institutions.

Начмед ООКБ Баязитов Николай Рашитович на открытии центра телемедицины в Одессе
Head of medical service Bayazitov Nikolay Rashitovich at the opening of the telemedicine center in Odessa

Since 2017, 198 mobile-diagnostic complexes for paramedics and nurses of family outpatient clinics have been systematically purchased for the formation of the telemedicine network of the Odessa region, which allow you to measure the patient’s vital signs and transfer them to the family doctor for diagnosis and determine the further treatment plan, and the family doctor in if necessary, may receive an expert opinion of another doctor.

In the reception and diagnostic departments of 35 district and city hospitals, 19 institutions of regional subordination, telemedicine consultation rooms have been deployed. Such a network allows, both in an emergency and in a planned manner, to remotely organize a consultation of doctors to save the lives of patients and solve complex diagnostic issues.

The regional telemedicine network was created as part of the “Affordable Medicine 2017-2020” program with the support of the Odessa Regional State Administration and the Regional Council. Almost 2 million 945 thousand hryvnias were spent to create a telemedicine center in the Regional Clinical Hospital. A call center, a technical support department and an information work department have been created.

“The logic is that the patient does not have to go to the area in order to get any recommendations. Many issues are resolved using telemedicine. Information is provided about the pathology, about the patient, about the analysis that can be done, x-rays. And in 90 percent of cases, you can give a conclusion with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations”

– the chief pulmonologist of the Odessa Region Health Department Alexander Smolyanoy commented on.

In the telemedicine system, advisory assistance is provided by 152 doctors-consultants in 21 specialties. Consultations of cardiologists, radiologists and pulmonologists are most in demand.

The system was launched in test mode on April 15, 2019, and currently 5,269 consultations have been held for residents of all areas of the Odessa region.

The greatest number of consultations was received by residents of Limansky, Ivanovsky, Ovidiopolsky, Saratsky, Tarutinsky and Kodymsky districts.

Also, 5 teleconsultations of the Odessa Regional Hospital with national institutes and foreign clinics were held.

In the Odessa region, access to quality diagnostics and expert advice is determined not only by kilometers of roads. Today, another dimension is accessibility to the Internet and telemedicine technologies that bring a doctor closer to a patient, accelerate the provision of quality medical care and save lives.