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Що таке телемедицинаTelemedicine is a method of providing healthcare services to patients in remote and territorially remote areas of healthcare organizations. Telemedicine is implemented on the basis of the development and implementation of information and communication technologies.

The purpose of telemedicine is to provide medical care in the required amount and timely for any person, regardless of it`s location.

The subject of telemedicine is the exchange by telecommunications and computer technology of all kinds of medical information between remote locations. In this process, the exchange process is characterized by the type of transmitted information and how it is transmitted.

Functions of telemedicine are: clinical, organizational-administrative, preventive, educational, scientific.


Main areas of telemedicine:

  • telemedicine consultations;
  • tele-education (all kinds of materials, including lectures on the websites of educational institutions and others on the Internet, conducting scientific conferences with broadcasting via the Internet, etc.);
  • remote medical manipulation with the help of medical manipulators and robots.

Реєстрація медзакладу в eHealth

«Поліклініка без черг» – це медична інформаційна система, що дозволяє медзакладам вторинної та третинної ланки легко підключитися до eHealth та перейти на нову модель фінансування

Зареєструвати медзаклад в eHealth безкоштовно
eHealth Поліклініка без черг eHealth

How that works

Connecting the institution to a secure telemedicine network

Health care establishments, medical care centers are connected to the protected telemedicine system of the Odessa region or to the world wide Internet network at a rate of at least 2MB/sec. An equipped telemedicine room is being created in the institution


Creating of new account in the telemedicine system, which will be assigned to the medical institution. The system will be created and there will store electronic patient records, new techniques, requests for telemedicine consultation, all patient examinations. Information is confidential and protected


Training of the future operator in work with the system of telemedicine and creation of a secure account for a medical institution is carried out first. He will learn how to log in his account, create electronic patient cards, fill in patient information, create consultation requests

Synchronization, testing, start of work in the system

After setting up and testing the system with the operator of the telemedicine center, you can begin telemedicine consultation of patients

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Our services

Telemedical doctor consulting

Telemedical doctor consulting

Thanks to the full-fledged work of the telemedicine network, it is possible to conduct telemedicine consultation of doctors in the format of “doctor-doctor”. Doctor of the first or second levels of medical care from any region of the region can request a telemedicine online consultation and receive real-time help and effective advice from a specialist at the regional level

Construction of medical information systems

Construction of medical information systems

For the it`s work any information system requires a cable network that combines computers, telephones and peripheral equipment. The construction of a cable network will allow employees to access all the information resources of the enterprise. Our experts can correctly build a cable network for your enterprise

Network administration and support

Network administration and support

It is difficult to imagine a modern, dynamically developing company, without the functioning of its information system, and for its high-quality service, a staff of competent specialists is needed. The specialists of our center will help you maintain your information network

Organisation of video-conference system

Organisation of video-conference system

Video conference is a computer technology that allows people to see and hear each other, exchange data and process them together interactively. We can help and teach you how to organize real-time video conferencing in your company or institution

Our achievements

50 +
Connected medical facilities
5000 +
Сonsultations held
100 +
Satisfied customers
Work with the telemedicine system

Lessons for learning

1. Вхід до системи
2. Створення картки пацієнта
3. Створення консультації
4. Вхід до консультації
5. Створення запиту на телемедичну консультацію
6. Додання файлів необхідних медичних дослідженнь до консультації
7. Відправка консультації до телемедичного центру
8. Обробка вхідної консультації диспетчером-оператором телемедичного центру
9. Обробка консультації лікарем
10. Завершення консультації
11. Створення прийому
12. Скасування консультації
13. Створення ургентної консультації

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